2.9. Windows Installation (no installer -- zip file)

  1. Read and agree to the license agreement and any third party license agreements.

  2. Edit JDOHOME/bin/jdocmd.bat and JDOHOME/bin/jdocommand.bat so that JDODIR and JDKHOME are set correctly.

  3. Run JDOHOME/bin/jdocmd.bat or JDOHOME/bin/jdocommand.bat (the former relies on 'cmd', the command shell for NT and 2000; the latter uses 'command', the command shell for 95, 98, and ME). All tutorial commands should be executed from this shell.

  4. Open JDOHOME/docs/index.html and navigate to the Kodo JDO Tutorial (part III, chapter 1).

  5. Change to the JDOHOME/tutorial directory.

  6. Start the tutorial.