2.13. Common installation problems

Problem: Shell error when running 'javac *.java' or when using 'java'

Solution: Ensure that java and javac are installed and in your path. To verify that they are installed, type 'java' on a line by itself. If this returns a usage statement, then java is installed and in your path. Repeat with 'javac' instead of 'java' to see if javac is installed correctly. If these tests fail, install JDK 1.2 or greater. Also, please make sure that jdocmd.bat sets up your path properly.

Problem: When running 'jdoc', you get a NoClassDefFoundError with a message like the following: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Animal (wrong name: tutorial/Animal)

Solution: This often means that you are invoking jdoc from the directory that contains the class Animal, and '.' is in your classpath. Fixing your classpath or running jdoc from a different directory should solve this problem.

Problem: A 'sealing violation' occurs when running the enhancer.

Solution: This indicates that some other library in your CLASSPATH is conflicting with the jars packaged with this distribution.