2.2. License Configuration

Kodo utilizes BEA's universal licensing system to enable Kodo's feature set and abilities. In order for Kodo to find your license keys, you must ensure that the license.bea found in your BEA home directory is at the root of your classpath.

When using Kodo's environment scripts, you should copy license.bea to the Kodo installation directory. Alternatively, you can include your BEA home directory in your classpath.

When deploying Kodo at runtime, you should ensure that license.bea is available at the root of the application classpath. For example, you may need to alter your application server configuration to include your BEA home directory in the system classpath. For applications re-distributed as a jar, you should include license.bea at at the root of your re-distributed jar.


To obtain an evaluation BEA license, visit http://ftpmain.bea.com/download/pub/license/kodo/kodo40/license.bea to download a license.


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