6.2. Metadata Factory

The kodo.MetaDataFactory configuration property controls metadata loading and storing. This property takes a plugin string (see Section 2.5, “Plugin Configuration”) describing a concrete kodo.meta.MetaDataFactory implementation. A metadata factory can load mapping information as well as persistence metadata, or it can leave mapping information to a separate mapping factory (see Section 7.5, “Mapping Factory”). Kodo recognizes the following built-in metadata factories:

JPA has built-in settings for listing your persistent classes, which the JPA Overview describes. Kodo supports these JPA standard settings by translating them into its own internal metadata factory settings. The standard metadata factories all accept the following properties for locating persistent classes. Each property represents a different mechanism for locating persistent types; you can choose the mechanism or combination of mechanisms that are most convenient. See Section 5.1, “Persistent Class List” for a discussion of when it is necessary to list your persistent classes.

Example 6.2. Setting a Standard Metadata Factory


<property name="kodo.MetaDataFactory" value="jpa"/>


kodo.MetaDataFactory: jdo(Resources=com/aaa/package.jdo;com/bbb/package.jdo,\

Example 6.3. Setting a Custom Metadata Factory

JPA XML format:

<property name="kodo.MetaDataFactory" value="com.xyz.CustomMetaDataFactory"/>

JDO properties format:

kodo.MetaDataFactory: com.xyz.CustomMetaDataFactory