Package bea.jolt

Interface Summary
Message This interface provides the set, get, add, and delete methods to interact with any instance of an item in the message object.

Class Summary
I18nProperty This class gets the encoding property from the environment.
JoltAdmSession Deprecated. As of Jolt 1.2, user should extend from JoltSession class and call the protected @link bea.jolt.JoltSession.logon() method.
JoltDefinition This class represents the definition of a Jolt object that can be both a service and an asynchronous message.
JoltMessage This class encapsulates the attribute-value pair data for the application protocol.
JoltParam JoltParam implements the parameter object in a service definition object.
JoltRemoteService JoltRemoteService provides an implementation of the Tuxedo synchronous Request/Reply communication model.
JoltReply JoltReply is a place holder of the message for unsolicited messages or event notifications.
JoltRepository This class provides access and control to the repository of service definitions.
JoltRequest JoltRequest is an abstract class that provides a simple implementation of Request to minimize the class size.
JoltSession The JoltSession class represents the logon session object and is used to access available Tuxedo services.
JoltSessionAttributes The JoltSessionAttributes class defines the set of attributes that the JoltSession constructor accepts.
JoltTransaction The JoltTransaction class is the explicit transaction model for Jolt.
JoltUserEvent The JoltUserEvent class implements a subscription to an asynchronous notification event.
LockMonitor This utility class implements a simple share/exclusive lock.
MBEncoding This class provides the utilities for handling the encoding name for MBSTRING data.
SBuffer This class provides the constants for the data type.
Session An abstract class for a Jolt Session.

Exception Summary
ApplicationException The ApplicationException class is used by the JoltRemoteService class and its methods.
DefinitionException This exception is thrown when Jolt encounters a syntax error while parsing the definition.
EventException This exception is thrown if any of the following Tuxedo errors occurs: TPEINVAL (invalid arguments are given), TPENOENT (cannot access the Tuxedo System Event Broker), TPELIMIT (the event broker's maximum number of subscriptions has been reached), TPEMATCH (the subscription failed because it matched one already listed with the event broker), TPETIME (a timeout occurs), TPEOS (an operating system error occurs), TPESYSTEM (a Tuxedo system error occurs).
MessageException This exception is thrown when there's an error in parsing the internal message object.
ServiceException This exception is thrown when a service invocation encounters a system level error.
SessionException This exception is thrown when user cannot initiate a session due to an authentication error or system error.
TransactionException This exception is thrown when a transaction fails.