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Release Information of Xerces-C++ 2.5.0: Feb. 16, 2004

Here is the list of fixed bugzilla bugs that are resolved in this release, Xerces-C++ 2.5.0.

Date  Contributor  Description 
2004-02-15  Neil Graham  make first parameter of BinOutputStream::writeBytes const * const; bug 26936 
2004-02-13  Khaled Noaman  Remove the limitation on providing PSVI information 
2004-02-13  David Cargill  Update threadtest to accept -init option instead of using compiler directive. 
2004-02-13  David Cargill  Remove unnecessary if statement 
2004-02-13  David Cargill  Bug#26900 fix, remove virtual on destructor 
2004-02-12  Alberto Massari  Xercesc2_5_0 Updates 
2004-02-12  PeiYong Zhang  Xercesc2_5_0 Updates 
2004-02-12  David Cargill  PSVIWriter documentation updates 
2004-02-12  Merlin  Bug#26607 fix 
2004-02-12  Alberto Massari  Bug#21965: A substitution group with no type is always valid  
2004-02-12  David Cargill  SCMPrint build error fix 
2004-02-12  Alberto Massari  Xercesc2_5_0: com updates 
2004-02-12  Erik Rydgren  Implemented setTextContent  
2004-02-11  PeiYong Zhang  Project SUMPrint 
2004-02-11  PeiYong Zhang  PSVIWriter to build with intel 
2004-02-11  David Cargill  PSVIWriter to build on AIX 
2004-02-11  David Bertoni  Bug#26648 fix 
2004-02-11  David Cargill  Bug#26131fix. 
2004-02-11  David Cargill  Bug#25541fix 
2004-02-10  David Cargill  PSVIWriter build fix 
2004-02-09  C-J Berg  Bug#20684 fix 
2004-02-09  David Cargill  PSVIWriter build fix and usage update 
2004-02-06  PeiYong Zhang  Project PSVIWriter 
2004-02-06  David Cargill  Misc 390 changes. 
2004-02-06  David Cargill  Intrinsic transcoding support for 390. 
2004-02-05  David Cargill  Fix a seg fault with PSVI and set basetype of anysimpletype to be anytype. 
2004-02-05  David Cargill  Code cleanup changes to get rid of various compiler diagnostic messages. 
2004-02-04  Alberto Massari  Added support for the Interix platform (Windows Services for Unix 3.5) 
2004-02-04  Berin Lautenbach  Bug#26426 fix 
2004-02-03  PeiYong Zhang  Bug#26315 fix 
2004-02-03  PeiYong Zhang  put back the parameter to build debug 
2004-01-31  David Cargill  Update script to flush buffer 
2004-01-29  David Cargill  Update sanity tests so that each test result can be uniquely identified 
2004-01-29  David Cargill  Code cleanup changes to get rid of various compiler diagnostic messages. 
2004-01-28  James Berry  Add include for unistd.h 
2004-01-28  James Berry  Define away some gcc garbage so that /usr/include/unistd.h will compile with the CodeWarrior MachO target  
2004-01-26  James Berry  Add a check for a corner-case buffer condition 
2004-01-25  James Berry  Bug #26419 fix 
2004-01-25  James Berry  Step around CodeWarrior compiler warning 
2004-01-25  James Berry  Update Mac OS Xcode project to reflect recent file additions 
2004-01-25  James Berry  Update Mac OS CodeWarrior project to reflect recent file additions 
2004-01-21  PeiYong Zhang  Bug#25751fix 
2004-01-19  Alberto Massari  WideCharToMultiByte and MultiByteToWideChar return 0 on failure, not -1 
2004-01-16  PeiYong Zhang  maintain the same size on both 32/64 bit architecture 
2004-01-16  PeiYong Zhang  Project XSerializerTest 
2004-01-16  Alberto Massari  In the Win32LCPTranscoder, don't use wcstombs or mbstowcs, as they don't pick up the correct local code page; use the Win32 API using CP_ACP as the code page  
2004-01-16  Alberto Massari  Removed usage of undeclared macro MIN 
2004-01-15  PeiYong Zhang  proper allignment for built-in datatype read/write 
2004-01-15  Khaled Noaman  HP compiler (after upgrade) is no longer complaining about placement delete 
2004-01-15  Alberto Massari  Bug#18341 fix 
2004-01-15  Michael Wuschek  Bug#24929 fix  
2004-01-13  PeiYong Zhang  revert code back to previous version 
2004-01-13  Kahled Noaman  Remove unnecessary local static data 
2004-01-13  PeiYong Zhang  set optimization level#2 on hp aCC 
2004-01-13  David Cargill  Misc build updates 
2004-01-13  David Cargill  Undo previous change memory management changes. 
2004-01-13  David Cargill  Misc memory management changes 
2004-01-13  Khaled Noaman  For sanity, use class name to qualify method 
2004-01-13  Khaled Noaman  Fix wrong size of allocation 
2004-01-12  Neil Graham  remove unused static member 
2004-01-12  Neil Graham  update Copyright year 
2004-01-12  David Cargill  Minor performance change for handling reserved and unreserved characters. 
2004-01-12  David Cargill  Fix 390 compilation errors. 
2004-01-12  Khaled Noaman  Use a global static mutex for locking when creating local static mutexes instead of compareAndSwap 
2004-01-12  Neil Graham  remove use of static buffers 
2004-01-12  David Cargill  Avoid throwing malformedurl exceptions in XMLURL to avoid a threading problem on AIX. 
2004-01-06  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: inherit facets from base type 
2004-01-06  Neil Graham  Bug#25660 fix 
2004-01-06  Joanne Bogart, Neil Graham  Bug#25542 fix 
2004-01-06  Alberto Massari  Bug#25768 fix: Replaced the call to wcstombs using a NULL target buffer with the equivalent call to WideCharToMultiByte ()  
2004-01-06  Jeroen Witmond, Neil Graham  Bug#25412 fix 
2004-01-06  Khaled Noaman  Fix segfault when adding S4S 
2004-01-06  Khaled Noaman  Reset list of grammars after building XSModel 
2004-01-06  PeiYong Zhang  using the no-exception-thrown ctor 
2004-01-06  Reid Spencer, Neil Graham  Bug#28517 static initialization problems 
2004-01-06  Neil Graham  make sure locally-declared attributes have declarations in the PSVI 
2004-01-06  Neil Graham  On some platforms, it is problematic to throw a different exception from inside the catch block of another exception  
2004-01-05  Khaled Noaman  Various PSVI fixes 
2004-01-03  PeiYong Zhang  using ctor/parseContent to avoid exception thrown from ctor 
2003-12-31  David Cargill  Update AIX build to generate .a libraries as -brtl is no longer used so that a build generated without using will be clean.  
2003-12-31  David Cargill  Release memory when an error is encountered. 
2003-12-31  Alberto Massari  Updated project for BCC551 
2003-12-31  Alberto Massari  Made virtual function checkAdditionalFacet 'const', so that it matches the declaration in a derived class  
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  Even if the resolver has no grammars, since all schema processors are aware of the schema-for-schemas, an XSModel should be produced. 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  fix one more buffer overrun, affecting boolean lists 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  enable production of canonical representations for dates with negative years, or years >9999  
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  ensure an XSModel 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  even if there are no grammars to add to an XSModel, the S4S grammar must be included  
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  do not report anything about default/fixed values for non-global attribute declarations 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  use a null-terminated string when tokenizing pattern facets 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  more PSVI bug fixes 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  some indices in the PSVIAttributeList were 1 off 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  fix segfault when validation of a union type fails 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  initialize undeclared attribute registry appropriately for its local use in scanStartTag 
2003-12-30  Neil Graham  allow schema normalized values to be associated with a PSVIAttribute after it is reset 
2003-12-29  PeiYong Zhang  use the original memory manager to deallocate in assignment operator 
2003-12-29  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: return value constraint only if global declaration 
2003-12-29  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: add whitespace facet if missing 
2003-12-29  Khaled Noaman  More PSVI updates 
2003-12-29  Alberto Massari  When parsing a new element, clear the maps holding the unparsed attribute we have seen. This because these maps keep pointers to the name of the attributes object that gets recycled for every element (and their name is deallocated when recycled) 
2003-12-24  David Cargill  Memory management update. 
2003-12-24  David Cargill  Improved algorithm for finding derivedFrom. 
2003-12-24  David Cargill  More updates to memory management so that the static memory manager. 
2003-12-23  PeiYong Zhang  Absorb exception thrown in getCanonicalRepresentation and return 0, only validate when required 
2003-12-22  Michael Glavassevich  Bug#18611 fix. 
2003-12-22  Gareth Reakes  Bug #25699 fix: made getRootElemID const.  
2003-12-22  Jeroen N. Witmond, Gareth Reakes  Bug#25164: Patch for doc enhancement 
2003-12-20  Neil Graham  add attribute names to PSVIAttributeList and fix some problems with calculation of canonical values in element content  
2003-12-20  Neil Graham  fix canonical representation production 
2003-12-20  Neil Graham  store name/namespace of corresponding attribute in PSVIAttributeList; not all PSVIAttributes have XSAttributeDeclarations  
2003-12-19  David Cargill  Fix compiler messages on OS390. 
2003-12-19  David Cargill  More memory management updates. 
2003-12-19  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: process 'final' information 
2003-12-19  Neil Graham  when validating a skipped element or attribute, we should not look for a declaration.  
2003-12-19  Neil Graham  remove a throw clause inserted during debugging 
2003-12-18  PeiYong Zhang  do not assert memorymanager in placement delete. 
2003-12-17  David Cargill  Fix AIX compiler error. 
2003-12-17  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: Use complex type info if present, otherwise use datatype validator 
2003-12-17  Khaled Noaman  PSVI: fix for annotation of attributes in attributeGroup/derived types  
2003-12-17  Neil Graham  fix two overflow conditions 
2003-12-17  Neil Graham  fix a segfault and a possible buffer overflow condition 
2003-12-17  David Cargill  Update for memory management so that the static memory manager (one used to call Initialize) is only for static data. 
2003-12-17  Khaled Noaman  Check for NULL when building XSParticle 
2003-12-16  Neil Graham  fix compilation error 
2003-12-16  Neil Graham  ensure all uses of ArrayJanitor use a memory manager 
2003-12-16  Neil Graham  add default memory manager parameter to loadMsg method that uses char * parameters 
2003-12-16  David Cargill  Fix memhandlertest failure (memory not deleted). 
2003-12-16  PeiYong Zhang  XSerializerTest updates 
2003-12-16  PeiYong Zhang  exception thrown upon invalid number, thanks Gareth Reakes. 
2003-12-16  Khaled Noaman  Make IC_Field stateless, fMayMatch is no longer a data member of IC_Field 
2003-12-16  Khaled Noaman  Add nextElementKey method 
2003-12-    BinMemOutputStream 
2003-12-16  Alberto Massari  The DOMTypeInfo should have a NULL namespace and type name when DTD validation is used, not empty strings  
2003-12-16  PeiYong Zhang  don't expand ContextSpecNode when deserilized 
2003-12-16  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  update 
2003-12-16  David Cargill  Change a conditional expression to an if-else to avoid a compiler problem.  
2003-12-15  Neil Graham  fix segfault when a writeAnnotation() method was called 
2003-12-15  David Cargill  psvi updates; cleanup revisits and bug fixes 
2003-12-14  Neil Graham  make use of XMLDocumentHandler::elementTypeInfo instead of non-thread-safe XMLElementDecl methods  
2003-12-13  Han Ming, Neil Graham  Bug#25494 fix 
2003-12-13  Neil Graham  fix compilation errors under gcc 
2003-12-13  Neil Graham  configure scripts need to be told about XSerializerTests before they can build its Makefile 
2003-12-12  Michael Glavassevich, Neil Graham  fix small bugs that made sanity tests fails 
2003-12-12  PeiYong Zhang  Project XSerializerTest 
2003-12-11  PeiYong Zhang  trailing zeros for double/float w/o decimal point 
2003-12-  Michael Glavassevich, Neil Graham  fixes for the URI implementation to take registry names into account  
2003-12-11  PeiYong Zhang  Canonical Representation Support 
2003-12-11  Khaled Noaman  Store non schema attributes from parent in XSAnnotation 
2003-12-10  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  OS/390 updates 
2003-12-10  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  make documentation accord with what Xerces-C supports 
2003-12-10  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  ICU has deprecated the -s390 encoding suffix. This patch uses the new convention for XML documents that make use of this suffix  
2003-12-10  Steve Dulin, Neil Graham  make CreateDOMDocument sample more robust  
2003-12-10  Neil Graham  fixes for canonical value production; memory management was not implemented correctly  
2003-12-10  Stephen Dulin  Eliminate the preparsing stage  
2003-12-10  Neil Graham  change some hash constants 
2003-12-10  Neil Graham  fix seg fault caused when a complex type had simple content; we were not processing the complex type itself, only its base  
2003-12-09  James Berry  Remove GCC2 build styles from xcode samples 
2003-12-09  Han Ming Ong  Bug #25343 Add xcode project for SEnumVal sample  
2003-12-09  Han Ming Ong  Bug#25337: Enable DEPLOYMENT_POSTPROCESSING for Mac OS X GCC3 Deployment Build.  
2003-12-07  Neil Graham  fix bug in PSVI where a segfault would occur if an attribute was not defined 
2003-12-07  Neil Graham  fix duplicate attribute detection when namespaces are disabled 
2003-12-03  Neil Graham  PSVI fix: cannot allow validator to reset its element content buffer before exposing it to the application  
2003-12-03  Neil Graham  uninitialize panic handlers so they will be ready for subsequent initalizations 
2003-12-03  Pete Lloyd, Neil Graham  when an empty element is valid, it will not have a datatype validator  
2003-12-02  Jeroen Whitmond, Neil Graham  Bug#25118, additional fix once again  
2003-12-02  Neil Graham  since there are certain things, such as schemaLocation attributes, that have a datatype and which we nonetheless do not validate, make canonical-value production dependent on validity being valid  
2003-12-02  Pete Lloyd, Neil Graham  fix for ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PSVIAttributeList 
2003-12-02  Alberto Massari  Bug#20169, openFile was opening the file for read and write, while only read was required  
2003-12-02  Alberto Massari  Removed /version option from the linker 
2003-12-02  Alberto Massari  Don't use the word "exception" as a variable name, as VC 7.1 complains about it 
2003-12-02  Alberto Massari  Bug#16055 fix, Make the code compilable on Windows when UNICODE is defined  
2003-12-01  Khaled Noaman  Properly set fAnnotation data member 

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