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Configuring Session Backup (Deprecated)

Note: Session backup functionality is deprecated in this release of WebLogic SIP Server.

The session backup function is used to store a part of the internal information of application sessions retained in memory for a long time (and their SIP sessions) in a file. When a session stored in the file is accessed, the session is restored from the file. This function enables you to reduce the size of the JVM memory heap usage. But swapping in/out a great deal of sessions may result in a decrease in SIP messaging performance because this function involves file input and output.

After the specified period has elapsed since the last access, the application session is stored in the file. This period can be configured in the SSE configuration file (sipserver.xml).

The following is an example setting in sipserver.xml. It is configured to swap out application sessions after 10 minutes (600000 milliseconds) has elapsed since the last access. For more information, see SIP Servlet Container (sipserver.xml).