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BEA WebLogic Collaborate lets you implement business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce systems on the Web

BEA WebLogic Collaborate...

  • an XML- and Java-based open market electronic commerce platform that lets you implement business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce systems on the Web

  • ...helps you quickly deploy B2B e-commerce systems that link existing back-end applications, databases, and knowledge workers into automatic and flexible electronic collaborations

  • a software framework and a set of services built on top of BEA WebLogic Server

  • ...simplifies and enables the building of portals, ASPs, and integrated businesses on the Web

  • ...includes the BEA WebLogic Process Integrator product, which is a user modeling and workflow environment that combines the functions of static data and server administration, workflow definition, and workflow monitoring

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Setting Up WebLogic Collaborate

Install software, run sample programs, and configure your system.

Administering WebLogic Collaborate

Run the Administration Consoles, perform advanced configuration, and monitor your system.

Working with WebLogic Process Integrator

Use WebLogic Process Integrator Studio to graphically model business processes. Use WebLogic Process Integrator Worklist to direct process exceptions to human users for resolution.

Developing Applications for WebLogic Collaborate

Develop and deploy workflows, applications, and logic plug-ins.

What's New?

WebLogic Collaborate Release 1.0.1 includes support for WebLogic Server Version 6.0, the Java 2 SDK 1.3 software, and Oracle 8.1.6. See the Release Notes for complete details.

Take the Tour!

Go to the BEA Download Center to get the WebLogic Collaborate Tour. The tour provides a high level product overview and includes a sample application.


Click here to get definitions for all the WebLogic Collaborate terminology and component names.

Product Information Site

Visit the BEA WebLogic Collaborate product information Web site, which includes a list of useful resources and white papers.

Customer Web Site

See the BEA Customer Web site for details about how customers are using WebLogic Collaborate for B2B e-commerce systems.