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BEA WebLogic Enterprise Security™ Version 4.2, SP02 Documentation

BEA WebLogic Enterprise Security (WLES) is a fine-grained entitlements product that was designed to enable centralized management of access to both application resources and application objects. WLES uses a centrally administered, distributed security services architecture that supports hierarchical policies across heterogeneous application environments. It also provides a unified and adaptable security infrastructure that enables a service-oriented approach to securing distributed applications. Further, it allows shared security infrastructure and services to be leveraged and re-used across the heterogeneous enterprise—improving security and increasing information technology (IT) efficiency. This page provides information about the BEA WebLogic Enterprise Security product family by topic. To view documents by contents, click Here.

Getting Started

bullet arrowRelease Notes

bullet arrowIntroduction to WebLogic Enterprise Security

bullet arrowEnterprise Security Architecture

bullet arrowSecurity Services

bullet arrowSecurity Administration


bullet arrowRelease Notes

bullet arrowDatabase Setup

bullet arrowConfiguring Metadirectories

bullet arrowAdministration Application Install (Complete)

bullet arrowWebLogic Server v8.1 SSM Install (Complete)

bullet arrowWeb Server SSM Install (Complete)

bullet arrowJava Server SSM Install (Complete)

Portal Integration

bullet arrowIntegrating with Portal

bullet arrowPortal patch download for SP1

Policy Design

bullet arrowIntroduction to Policy Design

bullet arrowModeling Your Policy

bullet arrowDefining Policy Rules

bullet arrowCreating Policy Data

bullet arrowImporting Policy Data

bullet arrowExporting Policy Data

Business Logic Manager (BLM) APIs

bullet arrowBLM API Javadocs

Other Sources of Information

bullet arrowBEA Security Resource Center

bullet arrowAsk BEA snd Customer Support

bullet arrowdev2dev Online

bullet arrowBEA Newsgroup Forums

bullet arrowSun Microsystems Java™ Site

bullet arrowGlossary

bullet arrowDownload Documents


System Administration

bullet arrowIntroduction to System Administration

bullet arrowFailover and System Reliability

bullet arrowAdministration Policy

bullet arrowSecurity Administration

bullet arrowEnabling Single Sign-on

bullet arrowUsing the Console

bullet arrowStarting and Stopping Services

bullet arrowConfiguring SSL for a Production Environment

bullet arrowSecurity Configuration

bullet arrowPerformance and Caching

bullet arrowDeployment

bullet arrowProvider Extensions

bullet arrowAudit Events

Programming Security for Java Applications

bullet arrowJava Security Service Module

bullet arrowJava Security Service Module Concepts

bullet arrowNaming Authority

bullet arrowJava Security Service Module APIs

bullet arrowJavadocs

Programming Security for Web Services

bullet arrowWeb Sevices Security Service Module

bullet arrowWeb Services Interfaces

bullet arrowWsdldocs

Developing Security Providers

bullet arrowDeveloping Security Providers

bullet arrowIntroduction to Developing Security Providers

bullet arrowSecurity Provider Concepts

bullet arrowDesign Considerations

bullet arrowDeveloping Custom Security Providers

bullet arrowAuditing Events from Custom Security Providers

bullet arrowCode Examples for Developing Security Providers

bullet arrowHow to Develop Security Providers (Sample)

bullet arrowMBean Definition File Element Syntax

bullet arrowBEA WebLogic Enterprise Security Provider SSPI 4.2 API Reference