Modify Desktop Properties

A desktop's properties are all of the features and elements that make up the desktop. As a portal administrator, you can modify some of these properties in the Desktop Properties editor.

To modify desktop properties:

  1. In the Portal Resources tree, select a desktop.
  2. Select the Desktop Properties tab in the Editor pane if not already selected.
  3. Update the information in upper form and click Save Changes. Use the table below for guidance.

    For this Field: Enter This Information:
    For the Locale Select a default language for your desktop from the drop-down menu.
    Title A new title for the desktop.
    Description A new description of your desktop.

  4. Update the information in the Properties form. Click the Save button to the right of a field after modifying it. Use the table below for guidance:

    For this Field: Enter This Information:
    Default Shell Select a new shell in the drop-down menu.
    Look and Feel Select a new look and feel in the drop-down menu.
    Primary Book Select a new book in the drop-down menu.
    Enable Tree Optimization

    Changing this value can change the behavior of the portal and should not be changed without first doing a complete test. Refer to Designing Portals for Optimal Performance for more information.

  5. To verify your changes in a browser, click View Desktop.

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