BEA WebLogic Server 10.0 Domain Configuration Schema Reference
element member-warmup-timeout-seconds

<member-warmup-timeout-seconds>annonymous type derived from int</member-warmup-timeout-seconds>
Disallowed substitutions (block)
none (extensions, restrictions and substitutions are allowed)
Substitution group exclusion (final)
none (extensions and restrictions are allowed)

Maximum number of seconds that a cluster member will wait to discover and synchronize with other servers in the cluster. Normally, the member will be able to sync in 30 seconds. If the value of this attribute is higher, that does not necessarily mean that it will take longer for the member to warmup. Instead it defines an upper bound on the time that a server will wait to sync with the servers that it has discoverred. If the value is set 0, servers will not attempt to discover other running server in the cluster during server initialization

Privileges: Read/Write

Default Value: 30

Minimum value: 0

Redeploy or Restart required: Changes take effect after you redeploy the module or restart the server.

MBean Attribute: ClusterMBean.MemberWarmupTimeoutSeconds

Fundamental Facets
equality, numeric, bounded, totaly ordered, countable infinite value space
White Space Processing
Pattern Facet
Digits Facets
fraction digits: 0
BEA WebLogic Server 10.0 Domain Configuration Schema Reference

Version: 10.0