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Beehive Integration in WebLogic Server® 10.0

Beehive is an open-source software project in the Apache software organization. BEA WebLogic Server incorporates Beehive and extends its functionality. The following sections describe these extensions. For detailed information about the Apache Beehive open-source project, please see the Apache Beehive site.

Warning: The Beehive Integration documentation below is deprecated as of version 10.0 of WebLogic Server. This deprecation warning applies only to this documentation, and not to the underlying functionality it describes nor to the open-source Beehive project. Users who wish to develop and deploy Beehive applications should do so using Workshop for WebLogic, which offers support for all aspects of Beehive technology. Current documentation for integrating Beehive and WebLogic Server can be found at Workshop for WebLogic Platform User's Guide.


View the complete API for BEA WebLogic Server support for Apache Beehive.

Beehive System Controls

Annotations Overrides

Code Listings

Beehive Applications

Building Beehive Applications

Beehive Tutorial