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BEA WebLogic Express® 10.0

BEA WebLogic Express 10.0 is a powerful, cost-effective Servlet engine that gets you up and running on the WebLogic™ product line in record time. Use WebLogic Express to quickly develop and launch dynamic Web sites and basic Web applications that gives you the most reliable, production-ready deployment on the market.

Because WebLogic Express has the same code base as WebLogic Server, most information on this page also applies to WebLogic Server, and many documentation links refer to WebLogic Server documentation pages.

WebLogic Express Features

Getting Started

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When to Use WebLogic Express

WebLogic Express is a good fit for projects that use Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSPs), and Java applications using Java classes, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). WebLogic Express does not support Enterprise Java Beans, Java Messaging Service, Java EE Connector Architecture, Web services, and other features targeted at enterprise-level applications. It is a suitable alternative to using an Open Source Servlet Engine. See "Selecting the Right Java Servlet Engine for Your Environment" for a detailed discussion comparing WebLogic with Open Source alternatives.

When to Upgrade WebLogic Express to WebLogic Server

Upgrade from WebLogic Express to WebLogic Server if you need to repartition your layers to create a separate EJB layer for your business logic, to meet certain business needs, or to manage complex architecture. You should upgrade to WebLogic Server if you need to integrate applications that are supported by Java EE Resource Adapters. Also upgrade to WebLogic Server if you need a messaging infrastructure (Java Messaging Service) for your application.