WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IConnection.Stop Method 

Temporarily stops a connection's delivery of incoming messages. Delivery can be restarted using the connection's Start method. When the connection is stopped, delivery to all the connection's message consumers is inhibited: synchronous receives block, and messages are not delivered to message listeners.

This call blocks until receives and/or message listeners in progress have completed.

Stopping a connection has no effect on its ability to send messages. A call to Stop on a connection that has already been stopped is ignored.

A call to Stop will not return until delivery of messages has paused. This means that a client can rely on the fact that none of its message listeners will be called and that all threads of control waiting for Receive calls to return will not return with a message until the connection is restarted. The receive timers for a stopped connection continue to advance, so receives may time out while the connection is stopped.

If message listeners are running when Stop is invoked, the Stop call waits until all of them have returned before it may return. While these message listeners are completing, they have the full services of the connection available to them.

void Stop();


Exception TypeCondition
MessageExceptionif the JMS provider fails to Stop message delivery due to some internal error.

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