WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IConnectionFactory Methods

The methods of the IConnectionFactory interface are listed below. For a complete list of IConnectionFactory interface members, see the IConnectionFactory Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

CreateConnectionOverloaded. Create a connection from the WebLogic .NET client host server to the JMS connection host (which may be the same server as the client host). This method is overloaded and comes in two forms:
  • If no username and password are specified , then it creates a connection with the user identity specified when creating the parent IContext. If no identity was specified when creating the IContext, the identity is 'anonymous'.
  • If a username and password are specified, the connection uses the specified user identity, overriding any identity specified when creating the parent IContext.
The established identity is used for all subsequent operations involving this connection, including sending and receiving messages using the producers and consumers. Important: The connection is created in stopped mode. No messages will be delivered until the IConnection.Start method is explicitly called.

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