WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IMessage.JMSCorrelationID Property

Gets and Sets the correlation ID as a string for the message.

A client can use the JMSCorrelationID header field to link one message with another. A typical use is to link a response message with its request message.

A JMSCorrelationID can hold one of the following:

Since each message sent by JMS is assigned a message ID value, it is convenient to link messages via message ID. All message ID values Start with the 'ID:' prefix.

In some cases, an application (made up of several clients) needs to use an application-specific value for linking messages. For instance, an application may use JMSCorrelationID to hold a value referencing some external information. Application-specified values must not Start with the 'ID:' prefix; this is reserved for provider-generated message ID values.

 JMSCorrelationID {get; set;}


Exception TypeCondition
MessageExceptionif JMS fails to set the correlation ID due to some internal error.

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