WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IMessage.JMSMessageID Property

Gets the message ID as a string.

The JMSMessageID header field contains a value that uniquely identifies each message sent by a provider.

When a message is sent, JMSMessageID can be ignored. When the Send or Publish method returns, it contains a provider-assigned value.

A JMSMessageID is a String value that functions as a unique key for identifying messages in a historical repository. The exact scope of uniqueness is provider-defined (for WebLogic JMS this value is generally unique among all server instances in all domains and across all time).

All JMSMessageID values Start with the prefix 'ID:'. Uniqueness of message ID values across different JMS vendors is not guaranteed.

 JMSMessageID {get;}


Exception TypeCondition
MessageExceptionif JMS fails to get the message ID due to some internal error.

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