WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IMessage.JMSReplyTo Property

Gets and Sets the IDestination object to which a reply to this message should be sent.

The JMSReplyTo header field contains the destination where a reply to the current message should be sent. If it is null, no reply is expected. The destination may be either an IQueue object or an ITopic object.

Messages sent with a null JMSReplyTo value may be a notification of some event, or they may just be some data the sender thinks is of interest.

Messages with a JMSReplyTo value typically expect a response. A response is optional; it is up to the client to decide. These messages are called requests. A message sent in response to a request is called a reply.

In some cases a client may wish to match a request it sent earlier with a reply it has just received. The client can use the JMSCorrelationID header field for this purpose.

 JMSReplyTo {get; set;}


Exception TypeCondition
MessageExceptionif JMS fails to set the JMSReplyTo destination due to some internal error.

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