WebLogic Messaging API Class Library

IMessageProducer Properties

The properties of the IMessageProducer interface are listed below. For a complete list of IMessageProducer interface members, see the IMessageProducer Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

DeliveryModeGets or Sets the producer's default delivery mode as a Constants.DeliveryMode. Delivery mode is set to PERSISTENT by default.
DestinationGets the destination associated with this IMessageProducer as an IDestination.
PriorityGets or Sets the producer's default priority as an int. The JMS API defines ten levels of priority value, with 0 as the lowest priority and 9 as the highest. Clients should consider priorities 0-4 as gradations of normal priority and priorities 5-9 as gradations of expedited priority. Priority is set to 4 by default.
TimeToLiveGets or Sets the default length of time in milliseconds relative to its dispatch time that a produced message should be retained by the message system as a long. Time to live is set to zero by default.

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