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Administration Console Online Help

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Attributes and Console Screen Reference for Compatibility Security

For information about an Administration Console screen and the attributes you can configure, select one of the following links:

Domain-->Compatibility Security-->General

Domain -->Compatibility Security-->File Realm

Domain-->Compatibility Security-->Advanced

Domain-->Compatibility Security-->Passwords


Create a New ACL

ACL Permission

Basic Realm

Caching Realm

Caching Realm-->ACL

Caching Realm --> Authentication

Caching Realm --> General

Caching Realm --> Groups

Caching Realm --> Permissions

Caching Realm --> Users

Caching Realm --> Notes

Custom Realm --> Configuration

Custom Realm --> Notes



LDAP Security Realm-->Configuration-->General

LDAP Security Realm-->Groups

LDAP Security Realm-->LDAP Server

LDAP Security Realm-->Users

RDBMS Realm-->General

RDBMS Realm-->Database

RDBMS Realm-->Schema

RDBMS Realm-->Notes

Realm Adapter Adjudication Provider-->General

Realm Adapter Adjudication Provider-->Details

Realm Adapter Authentication Provider-->General

Realm Adapter Authentication Provider-->Details

Realm Adapter Authorization Provider-->General

Realm Adapter Authorization Provider-->Details

Unix Realm-->Configuration

Unix Realm-->Notes


Windows NT Realm-->Configuration

Windows NT Realm-->Notes


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