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Administration Console Online Help

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Attributes and Console Screen Reference for WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

For information about an Administration Console screen and the attributes you can configure, select one of the following links:

Exported Services --> General

Exported Services

Imported Services --> General

Imported Services

Local Tuxedo Access Points --> Connections

Local Tuxedo Access Points --> General

Local Tuxedo Access Points --> Security

Local Tuxedo Access Points

Passwords --> Configuration


Remote Tuxedo Access Points --> Connections

Remote Tuxedo Access Points --> General

Remote Tuxedo Access Points --> Security

Remote Tuxedo Access Points

Resources --> Configuration


WTC Service --> Contents --> Exported

WTC Service --> Contents --> Imported

WTC Service --> Contents --> Local Access Points

WTC Service --> Contents --> Passwords

WTC Service --> Contents --> Queuing Bridge

WTC Service --> Contents --> Redirections

WTC Service --> Contents --> Remote Access Points

WTC Service --> Contents --> Resources

WTC Service --> General

WTC Service --> Notes

WTC Service --> Target and Deploy

WTC Service

TUXEDO Queuing Bridge --> Connections

TUXEDO Queuing Bridge --> Factories

TUXEDO Queuing Bridge --> General

TUXEDO Queuing Bridge --> Priority Mapping

TUXEDO Queuing Bridge

Redirection --> General



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