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WebLogic Server: Reference

The following reference materials provide more information on the WebLogic classes and the Java 2 platform from Sun Microsystems.

bullet arrow Javadocs for WebLogic Classes

Javadocs for the public programming interfaces supplied with WebLogic Server.

bullet arrow Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition Documentation, Version 1.4.2

Documentation for Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition. Includes access to standard Java API documentation, specifications, programming guides, tutorials, and more.

bullet arrow Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition Documentation

Documentation for Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition. Includes access to specifications and Java API documentation for the J2EE™ technologies, as well as programming guides, release notes, and tutorials for J2EE.

bullet arrow WebLogic Server Command Reference

Reference information for the WebLogic Server command-line utilities, such as weblogic.Admin, weblogic.Server, and weblogic.Deployer.

bullet arrow BEA WebLogic Server Configuration Reference

This document describes the WebLogic Server configuration file (config.xml).

bullet arrow SNMP MIB Reference

bullet arrow WebLogic Server Message Catalogs