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As the #1 Web application server, BEA WebLogic Server™ implements J2EE 1.3 technologies, Web services, and other leading Internet standards to provide a reliable framework for highly available, scalable, and secure applications. WebLogic Server's seamless integration of disparate, heterogenous platforms and applications enables your network to leverage existing software investments and share the enterprise-class services and data that are crucial to building mission-critical e-business applications.

    Note: This website contains documentation for a Beta release of WebLogic Server. Because of the preliminary nature of the software, some areas of the documentation are not complete or up to date.


Getting Started


Describes how J2EE™ technologies work together in WebLogic Server applications and describes the powerful administration and clustering facilities that provide the scalability, high-availability, and security your applications require.


Upgrade your current WebLogic Server run-time environment to WebLogic Server 8.1 and port your applications from an earlier WebLogic Server release.


Starting and Stopping WebLogic Server: Quick Reference

Release Notes

Fast Track Procedures for Deploying Web Applications

Samples and Tutorials

Pet Store Deployathon

Supported Configurations

Platform-specific certification information for WebLogic Server, including system requirements, operating system versions, JDKs, DBMSs, JDBC™ drivers, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions about WebLogic Server 8.1

What's New in WebLogic Server 8.1 Beta?

WebLogic Server Compatibility

Administration Console Usability

JRockit JVM

Medical Records Sample Application

Reliable Messaging

Thin Client Support

appc Compiler

Alternate Deployment Descriptors

Application Lifecycle Events

Message Catalogs

weblogic.Admin Batch Operations


Working with WebLogic Server

Developing WebLogic Server Applications

Roadmap that describes the high-level steps for developing applications that run on WebLogic Server.

Using the JRockit Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

How to use BEA's high performance JVM, developed uniquely for server-side applications and optimized for Intel architectures.


Application Deployment

System Administration

How to start, configure, and monitor WebLogic Server.

Message Catalogs

Messages in the Message Catalog are part of the WebLogic Server Internationalization and Localization packages.


WebLogic JDBC jDrivers


The WebLogic Server configuration file (config.xml), SNMP MIB, Javadocs for WebLogic Server APIs, and links to related Javadocs and specifications.

Performance and Tuning

Related Information

Learn about and order additional books on writing applications for WebLogic Server, such as J2EE™ Applications and BEA WebLogic Server™.

Partners' Guide

How to build your own products on top of WebLogic Server core technologies.

WebLogic Tuxedo Connector

Provides interoperability between WebLogic Server applications and Tuxedo Services.

End-of-Life Calendar and Product Lifecycle Policy

Product releases and the release lifecycle of WebLogic Server and related BEA products.