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Shutdown servers in a cluster

The following procedures demonstrate how to shutdown Managed Servers within a cluster. For more information on starting and stopping servers, see Starting and Stopping Servers in Managing Server Startup and Shutdown.

  1. In the Administration Console, expand Environment and select Clusters
  2. Select the cluster that contains the Managed Servers you want to shutdown.
  3. Select the Control tab.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the Managed Servers you want to shutdown.
  5. Click Shutdown and select one of the following:
    1. Shutdown when work completes

      This command initiates a graceful shutdown, which gives WebLogic Server subsystems time to complete certain application processing currently in progress.

    2. Force shutdown now

      This command initiates a forced shutdown, in which the server instructs subsystems to immediately drop in-flight requests.

  6. Click Ok.


As Node Manager shuts down each Managed Server, the status of the operation is displayed in the Managed Servers in This Instance table.

When an operation is complete for a Managed Server, TASK COMPLETED appears in the Status of Last Action column.


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