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Administration Console Online Help

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Assign server instances to machines

Before you begin

Ensure you have created a machine and the Managed Server you want to add to it. For information on creating a Managed Server, see Create Managed Servers.

  1. If you have not already done so, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Lock & Edit (see Use the Change Center).
  2. In the Administration Console, expand Environment and select Servers.
  3. Click the name of the server to which you wish to assign a machine.
  4. Click the Configuration tab, then click General.
  5. Select the machine you want to assign the server to in the Machine field.

    Note: You cannot change the machine of the Administation Server using the Administration Console. You cannot change the cluster or machine of a running server.

  6. Click Save.
  7. To activate these changes, in the Change Center of the Administration Console, click Activate Changes.
    Not all changes take effect immediately—some require a restart (see Use the Change Center).


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