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Determine MBean types and attribute names

You can configure WebLogic Server to monitor MBeans and generate traps when the MBean's attributes change in a way that you specify. The WebLogic Server SNMP agent can generate traps only for MBeans that have corresponding managed objects defined in the WebLogic Server MIB.

A managed bean (MBean) is a Java bean that provides a generic management interface based on Java Management Extensions (JMX). All WebLogic resources are instrumented as MBeans and the WebLogic SNMP agent uses their JMX interface to retrieve monitoring data. Each MBean is an instance of a type, and the MBean type defines the set of attributes that the MBean exposes.

To determine the MBean type and attribute name that corresponds to a managed object in the WebLogic Server MIB:

  1. Browse through the WebLogic Server MIB Reference until you find a managed object that you want to monitor.

    Within the MIB, objects that include the word Runtime in their names describe a server's runtime state. All other objects describe a server's configuration.

  2. To determine the MBean type and attribute name that corresponds to the MIB managed object:
    1. Determine the name of the tabular object in the MIB table that refers to (contains) a scalar object.

      For example, the scalar object serverRuntimeState resides in the tabular object serverRuntimeTable.

    2. Remove any spaces and the word "table" from the tabular object name to determine the name of the corresponding MBean type.

      For example, the serverRuntimeTable corresponds to the ServerRuntime MBean type.

    3. Remove the name of the tabular object from the scalar object to determine the name of the MBean attribute.

      For example, the serverRuntimeState object corresponds to the State MBean attribute.


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