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Administration Console Online Help

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Load objects in the JNDI tree

Using the Administration Console, you can load WebLogic Server J2EE services and components, such as RMI, JMS, EJBs, and JDBC Data Sources, in the JNDI tree. Typically, these objects are bound in the JNDI tree when you deploy them to the server. For more information, see Programming WebLogic JNDI

To load an object in the JNDI tree:

  1. Choose a name under which you want the object to appear in the JNDI tree.
  2. Enter the name in the JNDI Name attribute field when you create the object. When the object is loaded, JNDI provides a path to the object.
  3. Verify that the object has been loaded by viewing the JNDI tree. For more information, see View objects in the JNDI tree.


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