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Access policies for WorkContext resources

Before you begin

This subtask is part of the main task for creating a security policy. Start with the main task: Create policies for resource instances

Before you create a security policy for a WorkContext resource you need to create the resource in the Administration Console. See Create WorkContext resources.

Security policies for Work Context resources apply to Work Context objects, which allow developers to pass properties without including them in a remote call.

To access policies for a WorkContext resource:

  1. In the left panel expand Services > Work Contexts and select the Work Context path in the Work Context Resources table.
  2. On the Settings page for the Work Context, select Security > Policies to display the Policy Conditions page.
  3. If you have more than one authorization provider configured for the realm: from the Authorization Providers Name field select the provider you want to use to secure this resource.
  4. Return to the main task. Start at Create security policies: step 2


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