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Specify default Web applications

The default Web application is presented to clients who do not specify a URI (or specify "/" as the URI). To deploy a Web application as a default Web application, et the value of the context-root element to "/" in its deployment descriptor.

You can specify the context-root element in the weblogic.xml deployment descriptor for Web applications that are packaged as a .war archive or exploded .war directory. If you package the Web application as part of an Enterprise Application (.ear archive or exploded .ear), specify the context-root in application.xml. The value of context-root in application.xml precedent over the value of context-root in weblogic.xml.

For information on deploying a Web application in the Administration Console,see Deploy Web applications.

To deploy a Web application as part of an .ear archive or exploded .ear, see Deploying WebLogic Server Applications.


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