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Install a Web Service

Before you begin

Read overview information about Web Services. See Web Services.

Installing a Web Service refers to specifying the archive file or exploded directory that contains the Web Service implementation that you want to deploy to selected targets in your domain.

The Web Service itself is packaged as either a Web Application or EJB, depending on the Web Service implementation. The Web application or EJB can be in exploded directory form, or archived as a WAR or EJB JAR file, respectively. Typically, the Web Service is then packaged in an Enterprise Application, again either as an exploded directory or an EAR file. When you install the Web Service, you can install either the Web application or EJB on its own, or, more typically, the Enterprise Application which contains the Web Service.

To install a Web Service, therefore, follow the same steps described in Install an Enterprise application.

After you finish

You must start the Web Service before you can invoke it from a client application. For details, see Start and stop a Web Service


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