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Working with Beehive Controls

BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform incorporates Beehive controls that make it easy for you to encapsulate business logic and to access enterprise resources such as databases, web services, EJBs, JMS message queues, and legacy applications.

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Topics Included in This Section

Getting Started with Beehive Controls

Provides an overview of Beehive controls.

Tutorial: Creating a Web Service with Timer Control

Walks you through creating a web service that uses the timer control.

Tutorial: Testing Controls with JUnit

Shows you how to create a control and test it using JUnit.

Using Controls

Describes how to use existing controls.

Using System Controls

Describes the system controls that Workshop for WebLogic provides for you to connect to databases, set timers, send messages, and perform other common tasks.

Developing Custom Controls

Explains how to develop your own custom controls and share them with others.

Control Dialogs

These topics explain the control related UI dialogs and wizards.

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