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New Enterprise Application Project Wizard

Use this wizard to create a new Enterprise Application / Enterprise ARchive (EAR) project. An EAR project is used to assemble the components of an enterprise application. Other than JAR files that are shared across the application, the EAR project does not contain any source code.

How To Access This Wizard

You can access this wizard in one these ways:

How To Use This Wizard

This wizard creates a new folder in your workspace pre-populated for deploying an enterprise application and assembling an EAR file.

You must specify a name and location for your EAR.

On the second dialog of the wizard, the recommended facets are pre-selected. You may specify additional facets if they are available.

On the final dialog J2EE Modules to Add to the EAR you can choose any existing projects to add to the new EAR project. Note that the New Module button allows you to build several basic projects for your EAR. This option is not recommended for Workshop for WebLogic because it creates projects that do not support all of the Workshop for WebLogic features.

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