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New Web Service Project Wizard

Use this wizard to create a new web service project. A web service project is a variation of a web application that has preset defaults for building a web service.

How To Access This Wizard

You can access this wizard in one these ways:

How To Use This Wizard

This wizard creates a new folder in your workspace pre-populated for deploying a web service. A web service must be added to an EAR project in order to deploy correctly.

You must specify a name and location for your project. You may also add the project to an EAR project now.

On the second dialog of the wizard, the recommended facets are pre-selected. You may specify additional facets if they are available.

On the final dialog you may specify how this project accesses shared libraries and whether other projects in the EAR have a project dependency on this project. If you prefer, you can manually create project dependencies at a later time.

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