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Overview: BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform

Workshop for WebLogic helps you develop enterprise-level applications. The diagram below shows the types of applications you can build with Workshop for WebLogic, along with the technologies that support them. Click on the component blocks to see more detailed information for each area.

diagram BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform IDE Web Application User Interface Web Services Enterprise JavaBeans Controls BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform - Runtime

There are two major components exposed through the IDE:

This documentation set describes the application development features and tooling provided by Workshop for WebLogic to implement and deploy enterprise applications.

One of the best places to start learning about Workshop for WebLogic is with the tutorials provided in this documentation. See Tutorials in Workshop for WebLogic for descriptions of the tutorials included in this documentation.

You can also start by taking a look at sample code. Workshop for WebLogic Samples provides an introduction to the samples included in this release.


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