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Migrating from Workshop for WebLogic 9.2

Workspaces and projects created with version 9.2 must be migrated to version 10.0 in order for you to use version 10.0 to continue developing and testing projects in the workspace. After migration, migrated projects will no longer run in versions prior to 10.0.

During migration, the IDE updates project metadata, moves your facets to version 10.0, and requires a version 10.0 server.

Note: For information on upgrading from version 8.1 to version 10.0, see Upgrading WebLogic Workshop 8.1 Applications.

How to Migrate to Version 10.0

When you open a workspace created with Workshop for WebLogic version 9.2, the IDE will prompt you to migrate projects in the workspace. In addition, you will need to make any changes needed to support the version 10.0 domain, such as updating the wl_home value in the domain start scripts.

To Do in Version 9.2 Before Opening in Version 10.0

To avoid errors in version 10.0, you should be sure to do the following with your workspace in version 9.2 before migrating the workspace:

Changes Related to Migration

Check Out Source Artifacts from Source Control Before Migration

As a best practice, be sure to check out version 9.2 sources before migrating to version 10.0. While source control integration from the IDE will, in most cases, work to check out files that must be writable, in some cases this is not done.

Workbench Layout Error Due to Absence of Workshop Perspective

If you open a workspace in version 10.0 that was closed in version 9.2 while the Workshop perspective was open, you will see an error such as "Problems occurred restoring workbench." The Workshop perspective has been removed in version 10.0 in favor of the standard J2EE perspective (the two perspectives were very similar). To work around this error, do one of the following:

JSP and HTML Validation Is More Strict

A stricter validation of JSP and HTML markup might cause errors in source view in cases where version 9.2 was more permissive. For example, in version 10.0 the following code will display errors because it mixes <p> and <center> blocks:


Note that this code will still run on WebLogic Server.

Complete Workspace "Clean" Might Be Required

After migration, you might see errors in your version 10.0 workspace. In some cases, you can remove these by performing a complete clean of all projects in the workspace. To do this, click Project > Clean, then in the Clean dialog, select the Clean all projects option and click OK.

Renamed or Moved Libraries are Not Supported for Migration

If you have renamed or moved BEA-provided library JAR files in your version 9.2 workspace, migration of those libraries might fail. This includes libraries that were provided to support project facets.

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