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Displaying Data with NetUI Data Grids

BEA Workshop for WebLogic Platform provides tools for creating Beehive NetUI data grids. Data grids provide a powerful way for users to interact with tabular data, such as a record set from a database. For example, a data grid can render a record set as a sortable and filterable HTML table.

Data grids are rendered using the Beehive NetUI tag <netui-data:dataGrid> and its associated children tags. To render a record set as an HTML table, pass a data set (for example, an Array of objects) to the <netui-data:dataGrid> tag's dataSource attribute:

<netui-data:dataGrid dataSource="pageInput.employeeArray" name="employeeGrid">

For more information about the <netui-data:dataGrid> syntax see Beehive NetUI Data Grids and netui-data:dataGrid Tag

Using the Data Display Wizard

Workshop for WebLogic provides a wizard that can define data grid properties. For more information using the data grid wizard see Tutorial: Accessing Controls from a Web Application: Step 3: Create a Data Grid

Using the <netui-data:repeater> and Related Tags

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