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Data Grid Dialog

Use this wizard to render a data set as a filterable/sortable HTML table. The HTML table is rendered using a Beehive NetUI data grid.

How To Open this Dialog

To open the Data Grid wizard:

  1. View a JSP page in the Page Flow perspective: Window > Open Perspective > Page Flow.
  2. Open the Create Form wizard: From the JSP Design Palette, drag and drop the Data Grid icon unto the JSP page.

How to Use this Dialog

General Tab

The Data source area specifies the data set and the data type of the object to be rendered.

The Grid name specifies a unique name for the grid.

The Style prefix specifies a string prefix that prepends (or replaces) the values for the class attribute in the rendered HTML tags. For detailed description of this behavior see CSS Attributes in the Apache Beehive documentation.

Columns Tab

The Grid columns area specifies the properties for a given column in the rendered HTML table.

Header Text specifies the label displayed at the top of the column.

Render As specifies how the content of the column is rendered. Possible values are:

Further properties are specified in the Column Properties.

Content Source specifies the source of the column.

  1. Data: specifies a data binding expression
  2. Static: specifies literal text

The Column properties area specifies detailed properties for the column content.

Pager Tab

The Pager tab specifies properties for links that navigate through the HTML table.

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