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Edit Action Output Annotations Dialog

Use this dialog to specify the contract between action outputs and page inputs. Action outputs document the data objects passed along a given forward; page inputs document the data objects expected by a given JSP. For more information see Page Inputs and @Jpf.ActionOutput in the Apache Beehive documentation.

How To Open This Dialog

To open this dialog, from the Page Flow Editor right-click on any arrow that points from a method Action icon (colored blue) and select Edit Action Outputs.

Note that simple Action icons (colored green) must first be converted to method Actions before the Edit Action Outputs option is available. To convert a simple Action to a method Action, right click the simple Action icon and select Convert to a Method.

Note that this dialog does not, all by itself, ensure that a data will be send from an action method to a JSP page. To actually transport data the user must programatically attach data to the pageInput context. For details, see Page Inputs and @Jpf.ActionOutput in the Apache Beehive documentation.

How To Use This Dialog

To create a new action output click the New button. This will place a new @Jpf.ActionOutput annotation on the method Action's @Forward annotation.

To create a new page input on a JSP page, click the Copy button.


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