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JSP Design Palette Preferences Dialog

Use this dialog to populate the JSP Design Palette with tag libraries.

Settings made in this dialog apply to all projects in a workspace. To override these settings at the project-level, use the JSP Design Palette Project Properties Dialog.

How To Open This Dialog

To open this dialog, select Window > Preferences > Web and XML > JSP Design Palette.

How To Use This Dialog

Move tag libraries from the right-hand list to the left-and list to display the library on the JSP Design Palette.

Note: when a tag library's TLD files are placed in a valid location according to its JSP specification (JSP 1.1, 1.2 and 2.0 are supported), it will be displayed in the JSP Design Palette. It will also be listed in the left-hand column (Visible tab libraries) of this dialog.

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