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New Dynamic Web Project Wizard

Use this wizard to create and configure a new dynamic web project.

How To Open This Dialog

To open this dialog:

How To Use This Dialog

Dynamic Web Project

The Project Name field specifies the deployment name of the project.

In the Project contents area, if Use default is checked, then the project will be created in the current workspace, inside a directory matching the specified Project Name.

If you uncheck Use default, you can specify a project directory outside of the current workspace. The selected directory does not need to be empty, but it cannot already be a project directory (it cannot contain a .project file).

The Target runtime field defines the sorts of runtime resources available to your web project.

For more infomation about EAR projects see Applications and Projects.

Select Project Facets

A Workshop for WebLogic dynamic web project has the following project facets specified by default. For more information on these facets see Facets.

Web Module

The Context Root specifies the part of the project identifier. The project root is also part of the URL used to access the web application.

The Content Directory specifies the name of the directory where common web resources are located. For example, the WEB-INF dir, JSP pages, etc.

The Java Source Directory specifies that name of the directory where Java source files are located. For example, all page flow controller class will be created in this directory.

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