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Page Flow Perspective Visual Glossary

The table describes the icons and graphical elements used in the Page Flow Perspective, especially those icons used in the Page Flow Editor and Page Flow Overview views.

Page Flow Perspective Visual Glossary
Element Icon Description
Action Represents an action method, a method annotated with @Jpf.Action.
Action with form bean parameter Represents an action method with a form bean parameter, for example:
public Forward updateCustomer(MyFormBean form) {
Global Action Represents a global action.
Shared Action Represents a shared action.
Simple action

Represents an instance of the annotation @Jpf.SimpleAction.

When the begin action is a simple action, it is colored green.

Exception Handler

Represents an exception handler.

Exit Node Represents an exit node.
Forward Represents an action forward: @Jpf.Forward.
Forward with action output Represents an action forward with an associated action output, for example:
    name = "success", 
    path = "customers.jsp", 
    actionOutputs = { @Jpf.ActionOutput(name = "getCustomersResult", type = model.Customer[].class) }
JSP Page Represents a JSP page.
JSP Page with page input Represents a JSP page with a page input declaration: <netui-data:declarePageInput/>
HTML Page Represents an HTML page.
JSF Page (no backing class) Represents a JSF page without a backing class.
JSF Page (with backing class) Represents a JSF page with a backing class.
Tiles Definition Represents a Tiles definition.
Page Flow Represents a page flow.
Shared Flow Represents a shared page flow.
Nested Page Flow Represents a nested page flow.
Return to Previous Action Represents Jpf.NavigateTo.previousAction.
Return to Previous Page Represents Jpf.NavigateTo.previousPage.
Return to Current Page Represents Jpf.NavigateTo.currentPage.
Inherited action, page, shared, flow, etc.

The yellow triangle represents an element inherited from another page flow.
Overriding action, shared flow, etc.

The green square represents an overriding element.
External action, page, page flow

The orange arrow represents an external element.
Sync Page Flow Editor with Source View Syncs the Page Flow Editor with the current cursor location in Source Editor view. For example, if, in the Source Editor, the cursor is in the method body of an action, clicking this button will make the action become the focal node in the Page Flow Editor. Similarly if a member JSP page is open in the Source Editor, clicking this button will make that JSP the focal node. This button is only enabled when the cursor is in the Source Editor of some node.

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