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Part II : Web Service That Calls Methods on Provided Controls

Step 5: Import Controls into Your Web Services Project

In this section, you will import into your web services project a group of complex control classes that have already been created.

  1. Open Windows Explorer (or your operating system's equivalent) and navigate to the following directory

    BEA_HOME/workshop_10.0/ workshop4WP/eclipse/plugins/com.bea.workshop.product.wl.samples_1.0.0/tutorials/resources/webService/

  2. Drag the controls and model folders into the IDE's Package Explorer pane and directly onto the folder ServicesWeb/src.
  3. The src folder under ServicesWeb should now have the controls and model packages underneath it. If you expand those two packages, you should see a directory tree like this:

Click one of the following arrows to navigate through the tutorial:


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