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Step 8: Test the Web Service

In this section, you will start a server (or use one you already have running), then use the server's built-in test functionality to test the method you added to the web service you created in the preceding section.

Test the Web Service Methods

Now you are ready to use the test client built into WebLogic Server to test the web service.

  1. In the Package Explorer, right-click and select Run As > Run On Server.
  2. If the Run on Server - Define a New Server dialog box appears, click Finish.
  3. The IDE displays the test client, as shown here:

  4. Note that this form includes test buttons for each of the two methods you created in

    If you click the first one, getCustomers, you will see the string "John Smith" that the method returns.

    If you click the second button, getLocalCustomers, you will see a SOAP-encoded message returned by the control and containing all the customers the sample database has for the state of California.

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