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Getting Started with Web Services

A web service is a set of functions packaged into a single entity that is available to other systems on a network. The network can be a corporate intranet or the Internet. Other systems can call these functions to request data or perform an operation. Because they rely on basic, standard technologies which most systems provide, they are an excellent means for connecting distributed systems together. The standard technologies underlying web services are defined by the World Wide Web Consortium.

Web services are a useful way to provide data to an array of consumers over the Internet, like stock quotes and weather reports. But they take on a new power in the enterprise, where they offer a flexible solution for integrating distributed systems, whether legacy systems or new technology. Workshop for WebLogic makes it easy for you to build and deploy applications that provide or access web services.

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Topics Included in This Section

Tutorial: Web Service

Describes the basic steps for creating a simple web service and testing it.

Tutorial: Advanced Web Services

Demonstrates additional techniques for working with web services.

Introduction to Web Service Technologies

Discusses the standard technologies underlying web services.

Building Web Services with Workshop for WebLogic

Describes the basic components of a web service built with Workshop for WebLogic.

Using Design View to Create Web Services

Describes how to use the web service Design View.

Web Service Development Starting Points

Provides an overview of the different design scenarios: (1) starting from a WSDL, (2) starting from an XML Schema, and (3) starting from Java.

Testing Web Services with the Test Client

Provides an overview of testing, debugging, and deploying a web service.

WSDL Files: Web Service Descriptions

Discusses how WSDL files are used to describe web service interfaces.

Web Service Dialogs

These topics explain the web service related UI dialogs and wizards.

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