New Web Service Project Wizard

Use this wizard to create a new web service project. A web service project is a variation of a web application that has preset defaults for building a web service.

How To Access This Wizard

You can access this wizard in one these ways:

How To Use This Wizard

This wizard creates a new folder in your workspace pre-populated for deploying a web service. A web service must be added to an EAR project in order to deploy correctly.

On the page labeled Web Service Project you must specify a name and location for your project. You may also add the project to an EAR project now.

On the page labeled Project Facets, the recommended facets are pre-selected. You may specify additional facets if they are available.

On the page labled Web Module, you can change the default values for the Context Root, web Content Directory, and the Java soure directory.

The Context Root specifies the part of the project identifier. The project root is also part of the URL used to access the web application.

The Content Directory specifies the name of the directory where common web resources are located. For example, the WEB-INF dir, JSP pages, etc.

The Java Source Directory specifies that name of the directory where Java source files are located. For example, all page flow controller class will be created in this directory.

On the remaining pages you may specify how this project accesses shared libraries and whether other projects in the EAR have a project dependency on this project. If you prefer, you can manually create project dependencies at a later time.

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