What's New in Workshop

Workshop Version 10.3

Support for Java Enterprise Edition 5

Workshop support for Java EE5 includes support for the following technologies:

Built on Eclipse 3.3.2 and Web Tools Platform 2.0.3

Workshop version 10.3 is built on the Eclipse Platform, an open source framework that is now widely used for Java development. Workshop extends Eclipse 3.3.2 and the Web Tools Platform 2.0.3

Supported by Windows Vista

Workshop version 10.3 is supported by Windows Vista.


Workshop version 10.3 supports XMLBeans 2.3.

Workshop for WebLogic IDE Launcher

The WorkSpace Studio launcher has been discontinued. The Workshop for WebLogic IDE launcher is WORKSHOP_HOME/workshop[.exe].

Workshop Version 10.2

Improved reliability and performance

This release of Workshop provides numerous issues fixes and improved performance to enhance the development experience.

Tuxedo Control

Workshop now supports the Tuxedo control, which allows your applications to connect to Tuxedo services.

WorkSpace Studio Launcher

Workshop is now integrated with the WorkSpace Studio launcher at BEA_HOME/workSpaceStudio_2.0/workSpaceStudio/workSpaceStudio.exe.

Workshop Version 10.1

Workshop for WebLogic and Workshop Studio have Merged

As of version 10.1, all of the functionality of WebLogic for Workshop and Workshop Studio have merged into one IDE.

To migrate your applications to the new IDE, see Upgrading to Workshop 10.x.

New features include:

Deployment to versions 8.1, 9.x, and 10.0 of WebLogic Server

Workshop 10.1 now supports deployment to these versions of WebLogic Server:

  • 8.1
  • 9.0, 9.1, 9.2
  • 10.0

Improved Page Flow Support and AppXRay Integration

  • JSP editor with WYSIWYG design view
  • Code completion on NetUI tag attributes, both for static values and expressions
  • Ctrl+click navigation on NetUI tag attribute values
  • Page flow specific validation on NetUI tag attribute values
  • Rich property sheet support via with lots of useful “value pickers”
  • Integration with WTP JSP templates for very easy customization of initial JSP content

Workshop Quick Start Applications

Instead of creating one project at a time to build up an application structure, Workshop Quick Start Applications let you create multiple projects simulataneously. Project dependencies are created already in place, as is a WebLogic server configuration. For details see Workshop Quick Start Applications.

Support for Maven Build Integration

Workshop's Ant-based build supports integration with Maven-based build infrastructures. 

Built on Eclipse 3.2.2 and WTP 1.5.4

Workshop version 10.1 is built on the Eclipse Platform, an open source framework that is now widely used for Java development. Workshop extends Eclipse 3.2.2 and the Web Tools Platform 1.5.4.

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