Tutorials in Workshop

In the Workshop documentation you'll find several tutorials to help you get acquainted with the IDE and the applications you can build with it.

In your installation you'll also find sample workspaces containing the completed code for each of these tutorials. For more information, see Workshop Samples.

Tutorial Description
Creating Web Applications
Getting Started with Workshop Create a simple "Hello, world!" web application.
Accessing a Database from a Beehive NetUI Web Application Build a NetUI web application capable of accessing a database.
Struts Edit a Struts application.
Working with JSPs Create a JSP application.
JavaServer Faces Application Create a JavaServer Faces application.
JavaServer Faces / NetUI Integration Integrate JavaServer Faces with NetUI Page Flows in a web application.
Creating Web Services
Web Services Build a web service and add a simple custom control that calls methods on existing controls.
Advanced Web Services Create a web service, insert code to access a control, generate a web service control from a WSDL, and access that control from another control.
Create a Timer Control Create and test a conversational web service and a timer control.
Working with Data
Testing a Control with JUnit Learn how to create a simple control and test it using JUnit.
Building Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB2) Get to the basics of building Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB2) by building a very simple application that includes a session bean, an entity bean, and a Java Page Flow.
Working with Databases Connect to a database and perform various types of analytic and management tasks.
Kodo Make a web application that uses JPA (Java Persistence API) with Kodo
Developing a Hibernate Application Build a Hibernate-based web application.
XMLBeans Create XMLBeans and use them in a web service.


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