The Workshop Samples Domain

This topic describes the samples server domain designed to run the Workshop samples.

The Workshop samples (both the SamplesWorkspace and the tutorial-based samples) can be deployed and run on the samples domain, located at:


Many individual samples may not run on other server domains, because of specific resource dependencies.

Domain Resources

The Workshop samples domain is configured as follows:

For more configuration details see the main server configuration file at BEA_HOME/workshop_10.3/samples/domains/workshop/config/config.xml.

Using the DbXplorer

The samples Database Control: Customer and WebAppTutorial automatically create datatables when they are deployed and run. You can explore these datatables by following this procedure. Note that the server must be running and the sample must be deployed for this procedure to succeed.

  1. Open the Database Control: Customer or WebAppTutorial sample.
  2. Start the server and deploy the sample.
  3. On the DbXplorer view, right-click within the body of the view and select New Connection.
  4. In the Add Database Connection dialog, in the Connection Name field, enter FooBar (any value works).
    Click Next.
  5. For the Driver Classpath field, click Add and browse to <BEA_HOME>/wlserver_10.3/common/eval/pointbase/lib/pbclient57.jar.
    Click Next.
  6. In the JDBC Driver Class field, enter com.pointbase.jdbc.jdbcUniversalDriver.
    In the Database URL field, enter jdbc:pointbase:server://localhost:9093/weblogic_eval.
    In the User field, enter weblogic.
    In the Password field, enter weblogic.
    Click Finish.
  7. To see individual databases in the DbXaminer view, right-click an individual database and select Show in DbXaminer.

Deploying and Running the Samples

Instructions for deploying and running samples in the Samples Workspace are available in the topic The Samples Workspace.

Instructions for deploying and running the tutorial-based samples are available in the topic Tutorial-based Samples.

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