Installing Oracle Workshop for WebLogic 10.3


General Installation Instructions

General installation instructions for Workshop for WebLogic can be found at Installation and Configuration Documentation.

Installation Restrictions

Workshop 10.3 requires that WebLogic Server is installed to the default location.

For version 10.3, the default WebLogic server home is <BEA_HOME>/wlserver_10.3.

Adding Workshop to an Existing Eclipse Installation

For information on installing Workshop 10.3 into an existing Eclipse installation see Adding Workshop to an Existing Eclipse Installation.

Running the Installer in Silent Mode

For information on installing Workshop in silent mode see Running the Workshop Installation Program in Silent Mode.

Launching Workshop

To launch Workshop on Windows operating systems, from the Start menu, select All Programs > Oracle WebLogic > Workshop for WebLogic .

To launch Workshop on Linux operating systems, run WORKSHOP_HOME/workshop.


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