Publishing and Subscribing to Channels

The Message Broker resource provides a publish and subscribe message-based communication model for WebLogic Workshop business processes, and includes a powerful message filtering capability.

The Message Broker provides typed channels to which messages can be published and to which services can subscribe to receive messages. You can design a business process to subscribe to specific channels, using XML Beans for type-safe methods.

Subscribers to Message Broker channels can filter messages on the channels using XQuery filters. Business processes can filter documents on channels, based on the type of document, or on a specific instance of a document type. For example, you can design a filter that filters on stock symbols in a document, or one that filters on a specific purchase order number.

In addition to business processes that can publish messages to Message Broker channels, WebLogic Integration supports event generators that can publish external events to Message Broker channels. WebLogic Integration provides native event-generators, including JMS, Email, File, and Timer event generators. WebLogic Integration also works with Application View event generators that work with J2EE-CA connectors.

To learn about publishing and subscribing to Message Broker channels, see the following topics:

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